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For any players with the designation for an “Old Boys” match, please be sure to include that designation on your team roster if you are registering with your team, or indicate that on your individual registration. Team and Individual Player Registration provides you transportation to and from the tournament venue; admission, food + beverage at opening/closing ceremonies, and access to other amenities made possible by the hosting teams and sponsors. 


What is the age requirement?

To play in a Veteran’s match, you must be at least 35 years old on the day of the first match in the tournament.

How many matches will be played?

We currently expect to hold one full Veterans match.  We will ensure that all registered present players willing to go in will get playing time.   Additional matches would require sufficient registrants and pitch availability, and are neither guaranteed nor planned.

What is the style of play?

The style of play is pending review, and will be based on numbers of players and preference of the teams. Possible laws variations (eg uncontested scrums if there are not enough qualified front rows, or in refs discretion; rolling subs; no quick line outs, etc.) will be announced before the matches and recapped by referees. 

Will jerseys be provided?

To play in a Veteran’s match, you must supply your own kit.  You must appear with appropriate jersey, shorts, socks, boots and mouthguard.   We usually lend jerseys for at least one side of Veteran’s matches, but cannot be guaranteed.

Can I specify my position?

Yes. You will indicate your position(s) either on your team or individual roster. At present, IGR Veterans matches consist of motley teams organized near the time or on the day.  While we try to assign players to preferred positions, that cannot be guaranteed. 

If you wish to act as a team captain, please let the Veterans competition organizer know.  We welcome additional participation, so I f you’re interested in forming or bringing a full team to one of these events, please contact one of IGR Veterans’ cochairs Toby Butterfield or Alex Fallis. 

Do I have to be CIPP’d with USA or Canada Rugby?

Yes. Having proper insurance coverage from your national union is a requirement of USA Rugby tournament sanctioning. Coverage will be verified by your union in order to determine your eligibility. Coverage must be active by May 15 in order for us to determine your eligibility.

How do I register for temporary USA Rugby CIPP?

Anyone over 35 can register/CIPP with USA Rugby as a Legacy Member – At Large for $25.  This will cover them for USAR insurance and liability for 30 days.

For temporary register, visit https://webpoint.usarugby.org/wp15/Memberships/Join.wp

Enter in your personal information – name, address, etc. Create a User Name and Password and SUBMIT On the next screen they should use the area under Player Member, select state = COLORADO (no matter where you actually live) then select club = “Legacy Member Club – At Large” and then SIGN UP at the bottom of the screen: